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 Phil and Ann Smith write:

"Hi, we would both like to congratulate the school, pupils and teachers for the School Tour and display of old photos and artefacts on Saturday last. My wife and I spent a very happy couple of hours looking into the past and enjoyed it so much. I even met up with two past fellow pupils I had not seen for 45 years. Everyone attached to the school from the pupils who met us at the main reception, the children serving tea and coffee and not to forget Mrs Mc Clean your head teacher were so friendly and welcoming. I am so glad that the past pupils supported the day by turning out in large numbers, it was a real pleasure. Once again thank you and good luck for the future."


Many thanks to Hannah Aldridge for the following stories:



Eirwen was 11 years old when she was transferred to Flint Central School. She was a pupil in the school the very first year it was open. Her favourite lesson was cookery. She remembers that in one class they learnt how to wash clothing. They started on handkerchiefs, once they could do that they moved onto table clothes, then onto clothes. As well as learning how to wash clothes by hand they also had to learn to iron. She also remembered that one of the teachers Mr Baker moved from the ‘top school'' to Central School the same year that she did. At the age of 14 Eirwen left school and got her first job in a dry cleaners in Flint. In the time she spent at Flint Central School she said the school had a very good reputation.



"A school boy tired to beat the teacher up, so he got the cane." Doris remembers how the cane was a disciplining method and the pupils feared this. The pupils in the school also had a lot of respect for the Head teacher. The main things Doris could remember about the school were the games they played at school.

"The yard was very big, so there was plenty of room to play." She enjoyed playing outside games especially playing with the skipping ropes and going in nature walks. Everyone was very nice to each other and joined in with games they were playing.



When Ethel first started at Central School she didn''t enjoy it, she said that she was forced to go to school but ended up enjoying her time. While on the yard at dinner time she remembers how everyone enjoyed having time to play games hopscotch was a common and popular game, there was always a lot of screaming and sometimes even fights. Mr Arthur Jones used to play the piano and could be very strict but she thought he was a good teacher. Ethel can also remember that a woman used to make toffee for them and they would pay 4p for some of the toffee.


Barbara, Barry and Roy Humphries

These siblings all attended Flint Central School and all thought the school had a good reputation. Barbara spoke about the different teachers she could remember in school and different lessons. She could remember attending sewing, gardening and cookery. Her favourite lesson was music and Mrs Dickinson, the teacher was Barbara''s favourite teacher. Barry and Roy spoke about how every morning they would have assembly and they would always sing hymns during these assemblies then have a prayer at the end. Barbara went to Central School during the war and remembers how they weren''t allowed outside. They had their meals in school and then stayed inside the school through the remainder of break. Barbara remembers that during this time she and her friends would dance on the tables. One of the teachers, nicknamed Nain Carver used to shout at them and tell them to sit down whenever they danced on the tables. All three of these siblings said that the school was very strict but the punishment was fair. Although there was geography teacher that would throw board dusters at anyone in the class that spoke. If any pupils were late the school they would get the cane on the back of their hand.





 Photos From the Archives - Can You Help?


 Archive_Photos_01/scan0001  Archive_Photos_01/scan0002

1.We think this is the ATC circa 1939.  Bottom row 4th from left is Headmaster Mr "Froggy" Hughes and 4th from left is the DT Teacher, a stern man by all accounts.


 2. ???


 Archive_Photos_01/scan0003  Archive_Photos_01/scan0004

 3. ???


4. The Rt Hon. Peter Thomas QC, MP, Scretary of State for Wales officially opens Flint High School on Friday 26th February 1971.


 Archive_Photos_01/scan0005  Archive_Photos_01/scan0006

 5. Linda O''Hare writes "I have enjoyed looking at the archive photos''. Photo 5 is of the choir lead by Sian Williams and Miss Hughes (?) who later sadly died in a car accident. The photo was taken to highlight the choir had been invited to perform abroad but unfortunately it didn''t come off. I''m second from right on first row. It was taken at the bottom of the steps leading to the teachers car park."

Ian Jones writes: "Picture 5 Is the school choir led by Music Teacher Sian Williams, the other teacher is Beryl Evans, who later became Roberts I believe. As far as I am aware she did not suffer in a car crash and has been seen on S4C television commenting on Eisteddfods and the like. "

 6. ???


 Archive_Photos_01/scan0007  Archive_Photos_01/scan0008

7. On the back of this photo is inscribed "Last Year 1964, Age 15 years, Mrs Richardson, Matthew Evans Room 7/15"  On the front is "4A 1964"


8. Looks like a school trip?  When?  Where?
 Archive_Photos_01/scan0009  Archive_Photos_01/scan0010

 9. ???


 10. ???
 Archive_Photos_01/scan0011  Archive_Photos_01/scan0012

 11. ???


12. ???
 Archive_Photos_01/scan0013  Archive_Photos_01/scan0014

 13. ???


 14. ???


 Archive_Photos_01/scan0015  Archive_Photos_01/scan0016

 15. ???


 16. ???


 Archive_Photos_01/scan0017  Archive_Photos_01/scan0018

 17. ???


 18. ???


 Archive_Photos_01/scan0019  Archive_Photos_01/scan0020
 19. ???

 20. ???


 Archive_Photos_01/scan0021  Archive_Photos_01/scan0022

 21. The official opening of Flint High School, Friday 26th February, 1971


 22. The official opening of Flint High School, Friday 26th February, 1971.
 Archive_Photos_01/scan0023  Archive_Photos_01/scan0024.jpg

 23. Does anyone recognise any of this brass ensemble?


 24. Who are these young Percy Throwers?
 Archive_Photos_01/scan0025.jpg  Archive_Photos_01/scan0026.jpg

 25. Any names for this quintet?


 26. Who is this?


 Archive_Photos_01/scan0027.jpg  Archive_Photos_01/scan0028.jpg

 27. Who is being congratulated and why?

Linda O''Hare thinks that Peter Jones is being congratulated.

Robert Jones says that the Head Teacher, Mr Cutts, is congratulating himself, Dai Robertson and Meirion Casey for being selected for the North Wales Rugby team (circa 1975).


 28. What are the names of this woodwind section?

We think that the lad on the left is Ian Jones

Ian Jones writes: "This does indeed show me (Ian Jones) on the left. Other people in the picture are Elizabeth Carrol, Jaqueline ? not sure about the others."

 Archive_Photos_01/scan0029.jpg  Archive_Photos_01/scan0030.jpg

 29. Was this an ambitious D&T project?


 30. A few familiar faces, but who are the others?


 Archive_Photos_01/scan0031.jpg  Archive_Photos_01/scan0032.jpg

 31. Impressive framed certificates, but to whom and for what?

Nigel Lloyd says "It''s nice to able to look back at how the old school looked and to show the younger ones how the fashion changes keep up the good work, on picture number 31 the taller out of the three his name is Roy Turk and it might have some thing to do with the GSE results."


 32. Can you name any of these players?


 Archive_Photos_01/scan0033.jpg  Archive_Photos_01/scan0034.jpg

 33. Who are these members of Flint ATC?


 34. Who are these choir members and what was the occassion?


 Archive_Photos_01/scan0035.jpg  Archive_Photos_01/scan0036.jpg

 35. Who are these young ladies?


 36. When was this class photo taken and of whom?


 Archive_Photos_01/scan0037.jpg  Archive_Photos_01/scan0038.jpg

 37. Which class is this and when?


 38. What was the cause for this gathering?


 Archive_Photos_01/scan0039.jpg  Archive_Photos_01/scan0040.jpg

 39. Were you one of these dancers?


 40. What is happening here?


 Archive_Photos_01/scan0041.jpg  Archive_Photos_01/scan0042.jpg

 41. Who are the members of this Rounders Team?


 42. 4th from the right is Alderman HR Thomas and 5th from right is Henry Newbury, Apprentice Master at John Summers


 Archive_Photos_01/scan0043.jpg  Archive_Photos_01/scan0044.jpg

 43. Who are these young thespians?

Ian Jones writes, "John Stone is the drama teacher in the picture, and you can just about make out Kieth Roberts the english teacher".


 44. Whose work is being exhibited?


 Archive_Photos_01/scan0045.jpg  Archive_Photos_01/scan0046.jpg

 45. Where are Shiralee, Paula and Christina now?


 46. Who remembers Alison, Mandy, Dawn, Suzanne & Gail?


 Archive_Photos_01/scan0047.jpg  Archive_Photos_01/scan0048.jpg

 47. A fine body of men, but where and when?


 48. Who do you recognise here?


 Archive_Photos_01/scan0049(1).jpg  Flint_Central_School_-_Show

 49. A view of the Punishment Book from 1985.


 50. Andy Cornwell writes:

"Following your request for old photos of the school please find attached a photo taken at Flint Central School around 1934. My mother-in-law, Edna Corbett nee Fowler believes the photo to be of the cast of a school show entitled  The Princess and the Swineherd. She is third from the left on the back row."

 Archive_Photos_01/scan181  Archive_Photos_01/scan182
 52. Many, many thanks to Eric Francis (3rd from the right, 2nd row from the back) for this class photo from 1954.  53. A few local names here.



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